ACIM Lesson 332

Lesson 332: “What is the Ego?”  “Fear binds the world.  Forgiveness sets it free.”

The world is the playground of the ego and all of the nightmare looks frightening. 

It looks frightening, but all we see- no matter what- is simply a manifestation of our fear. 

Fear is the foundation of everything that is startling because it is so potently difficult.  Fear is always at the center of what is difficult, even if it shows up as rage or neglect, or panic, or even obsessiveness.

We just need to appreciate that all of the emotions that are not some form of love are necessarily fear in whatever form they appear.  

The Course says there is only fear and love, and whatever is not love is fear.

We just need to realize how present is our fear, and fear in the culture at large, which of course is simply the projection of our own minds outwardly. 

Fear is that lack of love where God appears to be missing, which certainly is an illusion. 

The Course reminds us that we are the ones responsible when we forget to see love and bring love with us to the nightmare that is truly in need of a miracle.

Fear runs rampant within all.

Just remember that fear is truly the only difficult thing we ever need to bring with us to the light. 

Fear is always that basis of all the hard stuff.

That means we just need to bring the darkness to God’s light for perfect healing.

Then, the darkness simply disappears. 

No matter how terrible fear seems, especially in troubling manifestations, we must remember this easily disappears when we simply give it to God. 

Or, in some way, we must simply shower the situation with love, and trust all is well, and get out of the way.

God gave us forgiveness to heal the world.

Forgiveness is that version of love that is perfectly suited for the world. 

The egos and our little selves think that judgement happened, and that we can’t fix the nightmare because it is too terrible. 

God, however, reminds us in the simple gesture of giving us forgiveness, that everything in the world being healed is totally possible when we bring forgiveness to the picture.

God loves us like crazy and wants for us to be peaceful and happy and so God brings the only real feeling we need to fix the world. 

Forgiveness reminds us that nothing is impossible to heal and align when we give forgiveness to the mix.

This means our peace is eternally guaranteed because God has given us exactly what we need to heal all the apparent strife in the world- with a simple shift in consciousness in our forgiveness.


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