ACIM Lesson 239

Lesson 239: What is salvation?  “The glory of my Father is my own.”

This lesson says, “Let not the truth about ourselves be hidden by a false humility.”

The ego is as sneaky as possible, and then in its pressuring tactics causes us to feel destabilized emotionally.

The ego always puts our emotional and energetic state in one of either way too high or way too low. 

The ego rarely ever has a middle ground.

God- in the Course- is teaching us about how to embody our certainty which comes from God and is the only appropriate middle ground truly of God. 

We must make sure our middle ground is of God because the ego can sneak in anywhere and try to get us  to pay attention to it.

Our certainty of God gives us the most extraordinary and yet also the most utterly ordinary sense of well being within.

There, we feel so great because God loves us as much as one can love another.

Also, God gives us in that certainty a complete sense of self-empowerment that allows us to also approach the world from a position of proactive peace, where we do it all from our heart center of that amazing certainty.

The ego endlessly puts us on that roller coaster ride where we feel either very high about ourselves or really low.

This ego pull- which is fierce- definitely knocks us off balance and very often we stumble in some ways emotionally or energetically. 

Even if it is not physically, still this is always unfortunate and utterly undesired by us.

The ego has that crazy self-debasing humility that the ego is so good at fostering within us. 

It makes us off balance because it feels so low and unpleasant.

The problem is that the world and especially some religions are big on saying that the ego’s self debasing is desired. 

The problem is that when we allow ourselves to do that, then we are letting the ego still rule, because whenever we don’t think we are good enough for God then we never remember we never left God in the first place. 

Then, we are truly stuck because we have no way to remember the way the Course says God loves us.

We are asked to remember that God wants for us to know how worthy we are because God declares this so with no exceptions.  

This means that all this false humility from the ego is all just a ploy to get us to forget that God has chosen all of us to be His most beloved heirs.

This is why we can actually refuse to accept that ego attempt to get us off balance with opinions of ourselves as particularly high or low. 

Since God declares us worthy, we have no reason to get confused with the ego’s opinions of us that throw us off balance.


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