ACIM Lesson 240

Lesson 240: What is salvation? “Fear is not justified in any form.”

This lesson says, “Give us faith today to recognize Your Son and set him free.”

We are asked to be part of the solution.

We have nothing to do but to heal through forgiveness.

When the world throws us a curve ball, we are invited to return a gentle word of forgiveness or a gentle unspoken energy.

We don’t need to necessarily say anything.  We just need to show up with our intention of non judgement and acceptance.  We have the opportunity to actually set all the others in the scenario free.

That is the most amazing gift we can ever give someone, the gift of giving them the escape from the bondage of judgement and anger and dismay.  

We learn in the Course to give all the people we encounter the tremendous gift of getting smack dab- out of the nightmare. 

We can just show up with a knowing that others are always connected with us because this is the nature of the Universe.

That means that  we also feel exactly what they feel because God organized the Universe in this fashion.  That means we feel with everybody else.  Nothing escapes us because we are all joined.

This means that every time we offer forgiveness to the world, we come right back to it in full force. 

We feel and receive and bless the forgiveness as it comes through us. 

We glorify it and give it power with our intention and therefore, forgiveness becomes ultra powerful.  

The Course reminds us that we all have that amazing part to play in the salvation of the world and of each other if we simply allow forgiveness to be the only thing we bring with us.

And when we forget forgiveness, that makes for perfect timing to give to ourselves forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is God’s blessing and gift to humankind, because we think we have no other option than being human in the world with human bodies, and thus, we get hung up on making this illusion real.

That is seriously a bummer for us, but God comes right back with a light heart and gives us perfectly wrapped in a bow of love this amazing gift of forgiveness to get away from the hard stuff.  

God is entirely compassionate toward us, and loves us beyond measure, and God is making sure we have a sure route out of that insanity that seems so palpable. 

Thank God for God!!! 

We just need to sit when we fear, and, then, immediately, run right up to forgiveness to jump in its lap. 

Forgiveness is that dose of God that we carry with us to the world.

That means when the ego runs that old fear-cycle-drama-pit, we get right up to that elevated Godly state of forgiveness and forgive ourselves.

The ego has all kinds of fear in the background noise, but we are asked to just shake the hand of that fear, make it friend in the forgiveness process and love it until it melts away. 

We let our relationship with fear be clear and precise and particular, and we let it be sweet as well. 

We make peace with it, while we sit and talk with it, until it changes its pattern of thinking to God’s purpose.


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