ACIM 241

Lesson 241: “What is the world?” “This holy instant is salvation come.”

The Course says all we need is an instant. 

We don’t have to prolong the process of salvation or make it all a a spaced-out, long event in time. 

We just need the quickest second of allowing our minds to be open to God.  We don’t have to take any particular actions or say special words.

All we have to do is have just the tiniest bit of willingness to open our minds and hearts. 

It is that simple.  Nothing is difficult.  Nothing gives us cause for hesitation.  This is the beauty of what the Course tells us.

Getting to God is just the simple awareness of what we want and to feel this energetically. 

We don’t have to do anything else. 

The Course says God’s energy and Will is so strong and fortifies us with each breath and feeling.

We can rely on it to get us to that place of remembering our communing with God is permanent where we just get out of the way. 

The instant in our getting to God is that quick.  We don’t have to worry about that ever lengthy process.

We give that anxiety to God to heal. 

We surrender this because it is not necessary.  The instant is all we need to reconnect with God.

The instant is holy when we use it to experience God. 

We don’t have to do anything but sit and feel and experience God.  

This makes the instant holy because it is purely of God.

Using the instants strictly for God gives us a true purpose and a sense of infinite joy.  This is why it is worth doing.


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