Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 53: “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.”  “I am upset because I see a meaningless world.”  “A meaningless world engenders fear.”  “God did not create a meaningless world.”  “My thoughts are images I have made.”

When we learn from the Course we hear words like “meaningless.”  The meaningless world I think helps us negate the impact of the world but it also helps us to be less attached to the world.  The meaningless occurs in reference to the world.  Usually in the ego scenario we define the world, we give it meaning, we give it power to affect us.  The world seems to be something that the ego is sure about how to define.  This ego confidence about how to define the world is what is actually the energy of attachment.  The attachment occurs when the ego tells its story with a sense of definiteness.  The ego clings to this mind state because it is the way the ego knows how to operate in the world.

What we learn in the Course is how to change our relationship to that ego attachment in our minds.  We are learning to let this go.  We are learning to just hold space in our minds that we were wrong about being sure we are right about what we see.  This is attachment- the ego’s sense of its righteousness.  This is false because it is not of God but our ego instead tries to convince us it knows what it is talking about.  This is why the Course introduces this idea of meaninglessness.

The meaninglessness is the way to completely disengage with our fear.  When we live with ego assumptions about the world we always find ourselves stressed and distressed because the ego gets so fixated on perpetuating its message.  Then we can’t introduce anything different to our minds because the ego gets so threatened with anything that is not of the same content as the ego.  The Course on the other hand shows us how this concept of meaninglessness totally opens our minds.  When we see the world as meaningless, then our minds are open.

We then can engage in what is not the ego.  We can align with God as the next step when we simply

allow our minds to get out of the assumption that we know it all. ϒ

This arrogant state what the Course calls grandiosity is when we don’t know how to open our hearts to anything at all that is different from the ego.  This is why we can use this concept of meaningless and use it in multiple places when we think thoughts.  This word simply allows us to realize that we don’t know anything.  The ego’s confidence is totally false.  The ego’s confidence is based on its keeping everything exactly the same.  Whereas God is the way we can get to creativity- a new place of learning about what is the best way to live in God mind.

Meaningless thoughts help us get out of our old habit with fearing the world and what we find there.  When we see the world as meaningless we won’t have that old ego fear reaction to all we see as

the meaninglessness of the world helps us to take one step back from the world. φ

It helps us to see that the world appears to scare us on the surface but eventually when we realize that the world is all meaningless then we can see that the world doesn’t have any power to affect us.  All we need to do is acknowledge that in some ways we respond to the world in fear but we can erase this in the practice of simply don’t respond to the world with such a closed mind.


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