ACIM Lesson 362

Lesson 362:  Final Lessons: 

The Introduction here says, “Our final lessons will be as free of words as possible.”  

We commonly have that old ego attitude and assumption planted firmly within in the way we behave.  

We learn a lot.  We may go to umpteenth number of seminars or we may be great at talking the talk because we happen to be skilled at it. 

But what truly matters to the quality of our lives is if we are walking the walk.

One thing I love about the Course is that it is so adamant about the importance of our applying its teachings in our lives.

We are asked to put all of our great learned philosophy into practice.

We are meant to make a life for ourselves where we practice consistently to get ourselves to higher ground emotionally and energetically.  

It matters if we make actual use of our intellectual knowledge that we glean from the external resources.

It helps to read the Course, just to get the idea fresh and practiced in our minds. 

Gaining knowledge of the way we can live if we practice the Course is the only way to a true happy dream.  

We are invited to take a stand for ourselves and make the Course’s ideas the backbone of our thinking. 

When we do, then we actually live the principles and this is the only way to true joy, to get to that place of no longer doubting ourselves and doubting God. Our certainty is solid and secure.

We are asked to make our lives the out-picturing of a miracle. 

We are reminded to take this seriously and apply it because it has such a powerful affect on us when we do.  

When we see that everything is a blessing, then we are in the groove God asks us to get into for ourselves.  

We are reminded our practicing the Course is not our gift to God.

God doesn’t care at all if we ever turn a page.  God cares only if we are truly happy and light.  

And the only way to do this is to apply the Course’s message to our lives, or apply something else that brings us to that place of perfect peace.

It is just in the doing.

Don’t shortchange ourselves because if we are not happy and content, then the fact that it bothers us is what matters.  It is worth doing for our own purposes.


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