ACIM Lesson 361

Lesson 361: Final Lessons:  

The Introduction here says, “And we are saved from wrath we thought belonged to God, and found it was a dream.” 

The Course says no matter how clearly and resolutely the ego tries to feign its own importance, it is never true.  

We are always wrong about this. 

The ego just makes the nightmare the worst we can ever imagine because we see the world that appears to have constant death, despair, and destruction.

It looks so bad, it makes us want to run and hide.  When we see lack of love everywhere, nothing feels good.

 We then are completely paralyzed because we are so consumed in our fear and panic and rage when we are trying to escape with no avail.

The Course spells out for us how frightening the world is.  But at the same time, we also get the most amazing news that the world is not real.

It turns out that the world has no reality except from our own projected thinking coming to form. 

Our manifestations in the world are just direct thoughts and energy from our minds.

The world is real only because we made it the way it is. 

This means it is a dream because there is no reality to it beyond our own energy manifested into form.

This means most fortunately for us, since the world is not at all real beyond our thought, that we are then necessarily not affected by all we see. 

The world is a dream and that’s it.  Nothing more. 

Our dream may seem vivid and take on real serious attributes that seem undeniable, but it is only a dream and can disappear or change instantly if we so will it.

This means that we have real power in knowing the world is a dream because we can wake up whenever we want.


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