2-20-15 Lesson 51 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lesson 51: Review: “Nothing I see means anything.” “I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me.” “I do not understand anything I see.” “These thoughts do not mean anything.” “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

The next 10 lessons are simply the review of the first 50.  One of the reasons the Course is so successful at helping us actually change our thought system is because the Workbook helps us actually do the teachings.  When we do these practices, the philosophy becomes deeply integrated into our minds and we are able to make a wholly new thought system.  What we need is help doing it, and the Course magically provides this so we can make this philosophy our own mentality.  We have to be willing to just keep at it, to keep reading and keep doing the lessons so we get it an a deeper level.

Sometimes people are doing the workbook lesson for 30 years or maybe just brand new at it. We all are gaining mental clarity and mental discipline when we allow this philosophy to be our cherished practice.  Let’s let ourselves love it even if it feels like an old song.  If we are maybe feeling bored with the Course, ask what’s underneath that?  Is that an instruction to leave it for the time being or is it a trick our ego is playing when it looks like we need to dig deeper into our inner workings in order to find peace there?

Review lessons are especially good at giving us time and extra practice with the lesson.  Even if we think we aren’t resisting it, just give ourselves space for the possibility we may be shuffling around some resistance and it may show up in our lack of patience for the Course.  It may be a time to set the Course down.  No worries if you do because every lesson we each need as individuals will come promptly even if it is not via the Course.

I know when I first bought my Course In Miracles 22 years ago, it actually sat on my self for most of the first 7 years.  I didn’t want to throw it away because I felt so drawn to it, but I was completely confused when reading it.  When I first got it, I wasn’t ready to make it mine yet.   But the amazing thing was in the 7 years I wasn’t reading it, I had many experiences that prepared me emotionally and spiritually so when I finally started to read the Course in earnest, I had a fairly easy time making sense of it.  In the meanwhile, I had gained some perfect clarity about how I functioned and what I needed to learn how to forgive and also live in equanimity.

Just keep trusting your process.  Know you are exactly in the right place now and always.  Allow this to be a time to undo our mind’s error of believing our perception of what we see is real.


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