ACIM Lesson 235

Lesson 235: “What is salvation?”  “God in His mercy wills that I be saved.”

This lesson says, “I need but look upon all things that seem to hurt me, and with perfect certainty assure myself, “God wills that I be saved from this.”

The Course teaches certainty.  This is the state of mind that will ultimately bring us peace.

The Course gives us this simple process: when we see the world and we are distressed, stop and make a clear decision to give it to God. 

We need to be clear, and if we don’t know how, this is a great place to start.

Just keep practicing emptying our minds so that we are as empty as possible and we can then actively select some thought to blend into our minds instead.  

The Course says start first with a clear mind and then keep practicing this when we lose touch with what we truly want.

Then we go and ask God for the help transforming what appears distressing for us.  God can protect us from any idea that something can hurt us because God is always loving us and valuing us.  This is the way to protect ourselves.

When we have a strong and resilient energy about us because we are connected with God, then everything else falls away in the world. 

Nothing can affect us negatively.  The Course says our certainty is based on the fact that God loves us and totally saves us from any kind of nightmare in the world because God is always devoted to us and careful to give us all we want and need.

We can feel happy and certain because we learn from the Course that God loves us limitlessly.  

God stops at no juncture with hesitation.  He just sails along and keeps creating the happy dream for us because He loves us.  Therefore, we can rest assured that our certainty is always intact.  God never wavers in His love for us.  Therefore, we can have faith that our certainty will be a constant thing when we just allow God to give us His constant and boundless love.  This is why we can sit confidently that our God cares for our needs.

God cares for us in the most powerful way because God knows that when we assume God’s energy then we become truly powerful in the world.

When we allow our certainty to fully form in our minds and hearts then we become additionally and infinitely powerful. 

When we just sit in the knowing of our certainty, our energy is a powerful magnet for good will. 

We then attract the best case scenarios of the happy dream because we are living proof that God’s energy applied in the world always works.  When we sit and remember and feel God’s certainty, this is not a guarantee that nothing adverse will happen, but the likelihood is less.

Then, at least we can say honestly that we did our best when we knew times were tough and we relied on God’s energy to protect us. 

God’s certainty works when we have an adverse situation come anyway, and we sit and rise above the suffering.

We elevate our minds because our certainty makes us feel so good that nothing in the world feels as terrible. 

It may sting a bit, but when we carry God’s lightness with us, we allow the Universe to work its magic. 

We check and learn about how to best approach the dilemma with a sense of sustained peace and acceptance and openness to seeing how the Holy Spirit would like us to proceed.  This is the nature of the happy dream.


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