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Lesson 90: Review: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.” “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”  

This is the perfect pairing of lessons.  The Course teaches to carry out this process with any and all inner seeming problems.  We need to not try to deny the problem by not being willing to bring it into our awareness.  Our egos often try to solve problems by pretending they don’t exist.  This never works in the end because then we end up with a huge stockpile of unresolved inner baggage.  Then our minds and hearts will become clouded because we are allowing this emotional upset to linger and just get jammed in our minds.  This emotional content needs to be taken through our minds, given the space to acknowledge it, give it space to be understood.

This then is the reversal of that ego love for denying our problems which also just perpetuates the life of the ego.  We feel like we have to always tip toe around our minds which have emotional disturbances hanging around that feel raw and need some time and love to attend to and heal.  We just try to not exacerbate them in our effort to get around without tipping them over the edge of falling apart into an emotional melt down since they are not taken care of adequately yet.

The first thing we do is simply be willing to face what is within that the ego might rather that we ignore. 

Take this problem and realize that we can do this whole process of healing our problems with a mind of love because we have God’s example of how to do this. 

The ego tends to resent that it has to take care of us emotionally and it insists that we can only face our inner challenges with an angry and resentful heart and or some fear of the process.  Then we don’t want to do it because the ego says it is a terrible chore for us as it is.

The Course is teaching us to do this all with love.  We have God’s demonstration of how to be compassionate and accepting of us so we can sit in calm and peace.  And we have Jesus’s instruction in the Course about how to make our way through the process with a mind of certainty and therefore, we have peace throughout.  All we have to do is follow this instruction and

stay committed to our connection with our certainty.

All we need to do is follow the emotional guidance about what to think internally and then we can feel the feelings Jesus tells us we can here because we are doing this in a way that our egos could not even fathom.  To them it seems like a crazy notion that we could be happy at the same time we deal with problems.

But let’s look at why we can do this with the proper mind training.  The Course says there is a problem when we identify within that something is amiss.  What we need to do no matter what seems to be ailing us, is simply bring the problem into the light of our awareness.  We need to just own it.  We are asked to step out of our judgment of ourselves for seeming to have some problem.  Sometimes judgement of ourselves blocks our inner willingness to own and acknowledge our problems.  Just know that this is part of being human so we can forgive this.  We forgive it because we can.  God gives us the tools that we use to forgive with.  It is just a matter of practicing forgiving until we get good at it and it becomes an easier and a more immediate process.  Just trust that God gives us the way to do this.

We see that there is a problem and this is a blessing because it is the way to get to the answer. 

If we don’t acknowledge we have a problem, then nothing will get solved because we are simply denying whatever seems to  be up for us.  This just totally blocks us internally because we need to see our problems first and then recognize secondarily that they are already solved.  All we have to do is just let God’s love as the solution be already done.

The power in solving our problems is strictly in our minds. 

All we have to do internally is accept that God has solved the problems already.  This then means our certainty that all is well is wholly intact.  This means the problem within us is also resolved.  When we can connect to our certainty and feel this in our minds and hearts then we have no more struggle internally or in the exterior world.  It all gets the kick taken out of it.  Whatever we thought seemed frightening to fix in the world totally appears different to us because our minds are within the knowing that God’s power is the strength we need and have now to heal any seeming problem.


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