Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 89: Review: “I am entitled to miracles.”  “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

The Course teaches us that we are entitled to miracles.  We are entitled to them because we are worthy of such a gift.

The world tells us that we are always flawed and seriously lacking in some way so we mentally often deteriorate into a frame of mind where we totally don’t realize we are loved and lovable. 

We actually forget that we are lovable.  We forget this possibility even exists that we could maybe be worthy.  We then further possibly can’t accept this at all.

Sometimes we come to identify so deeply with that nagging sense of inferiority that we become completely unable to even entertain the idea that we could be wrong about our judgement of ourselves.

When we lose touch with that open mind where we are willing to take a look internally with the option of integrating some totally other possibility, then we get totally stuck. 

We have no way to come to the clarity that this is a false premise.  Then we end up miserable because we are irreversible in our intense dislike of ourselves- and we believe our worthiness is a lost cause.

The Course is teaching us that even when we get to these stuck places within ourselves where we can’t remember our worth, there is a way to rise above this faulty, low level belief.  The Course is teaching us that miracles are our right and that we are worthy of all good things.  The Course teaches us to get to the inner knowing that we are perfectly acceptable as we are now.  We also will be perfectly acceptable in any future moments.  What we want to do is change our minds about ourselves.  We ideally want to believe wholeheartedly that we are worthy of everything that gives us joy and peace and a tranquil mind.

♣We get peace when we get to that place of inner ok-ness. 

All we have to do is learn to realize that our worth is wholly intact all the time because it has never been in question of lacking. 

The Course says that our worth never has been inflicted upon by some intrusive force that would change the energetic and soul level of perfection that our essential energy naturally entails.  This is because God deemed it this way and God is perfect so there is no way He could make a mistake or create lack in any way in anything He created.  This is why we deserve all good things.  We are lovable because God made it that way and this will never be otherwise.  This is why we can rest in the knowing that we are worthy of miracles.  We are entitled to them because God gave us all reason we can claim them since we are worthy.  We are worthy now and always.

We often find our minds immersed in the world’s belief that our lovability is lacking.  Therefore, sometimes accepting this truth about us that we are entitled to miracles takes us some time to integrate.  Sometimes we need to be patient with ourselves for needing more time to accept this wholly.  Patience can help us because sometimes we get stuck and momentarily can’t move forward in our progression of learning how to know our worth and remember the truth.  We are encouraged to have compassion for ourselves for this challenge we have of undoing our worldly belief system.  We need to gently but firmly stay committed to pursuing this process.  We need to give the old stuff to God and God’s altar and allow it to be ridden from our mental plate.  Then we just stay clear about what we actually want.  We want to remember we are lovable.  When we can’t get to a place of reinstating this awareness within us then we may need to allow the old way of thinking about ourselves to be undone.

The good news is that all we have to do is change our thinking.  This is not difficult once we have gotten the hang of it.  Just keep allowing your mind to be filled with what is light and of God, such as what is the gift of the miracle.

We want to rid of the old way of seeing ourselves and then be sure to show up with God’s shower of reminders that we are perfect as we are and so deserve the full extent of all blessings, especially the miracle.


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