Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 91: “Miracles are seen in light.”

The miracle is the regular occurring event in our usual lives.  A lot of us equate miracles with some grand gesture that only the holiest of the holy people do- that often appear to be in a high position in the worldly physical manifestation.  The Course teaches us that the miracle is a shift in perception.  This means the miracle is in the mind and is always into an elevated reality and mind state.

The miracle is a change in our perception into an experience of goodwill and easy temperament where we realize that there is nothing to be disturbed about. 

When our minds are elevated emotionally the miracle then is what has brought us out of a mind state of being in loss.  The miracle is when we bring a shift in consciousness to one of light and joy in a circumstance that may appear to be where something is not going well.

The miracle is our line of defense we can and must always take when we encounter situations that may seem and feel like they are off or wrong. 

This is our way to change our experience of the moments when reality seems difficult.  The way to survive and thrive in the insane world where we have instances that seem to get us down is that we remember to bring the miracle.  If we feel sorrowful and unsettled this is the perfect time to simply bring the ease of God’s certainty that all is well.  This is the way to come to a higher vibrancy in the situation that feels crushing.  We shift our energy and shift our consciousness.  This then solves the only problem.

The Course says that the only true problem that ever exists is only in our own individual minds.  The world is really not real so therefore we just have to appreciate that it is a projection from our own minds.  It follows then that since we are the only one out there, we need to adjust our own minds no matter what our external positions appear to be.   We can bring our own peace with us as we integrate wholly our miracle readiness within us.  When we make that effort to connect with God consciousness, this is the way to live miracles.  The miracle is a change in the nature of our thinking.

The miracle is meant to happen every day and all day.  It is absolutely normal.  Therefore, it is appropriate to bring miracles ourselves regardless of our education or status.  We all are equally prepared to bring the miracle so we need nothing but our commitment to live in an elevated zest.

The miracle is the sure way to get to peace because it is when we bring God energy to the world through our own mind. 

Therefore, we feel it and experience it fully.  The miracle is the best way for us to stay in a healthy and happy state.  The miracle is the sense of making sure we apply a heavy dose of God’s love to what looks like it needs love in the world.  The miracle is always available because God’s love and energy is always available when we remind ourselves that we are destined as the role of miracle bringers.

God gives us this trap door that we can get out of the worldly hell via our transformation of inner energy to one of light and ease. 


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