Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 92: “Miracles are seen in light and light and strength are one.”

When we encounter darkness in the world, we easily are persuaded that the darkness has all the power.  We think it has the power to make hassle for us.  And we think that it has the capacity to do us harm and to generally cause harm in the world.  When we encounter darkness, we are blinded by the shadows so we can’t see well or sometimes at all.

This is why we get afraid because we assume the darkness has some power beyond God, simply because we don’t know any better. 

We view it with a skewed perception because we can’t see clearly what is in that darkness- and therefore what is beneath or within that darkness.  Furthermore, because we are afraid when we can’t see clearly through the shadows this then creates our personal sense of disempowerment.  When we encounter the darkness, we then often don’t even try to bring the light to it because we mistakenly assume it can’t be altered and think it is frightful.  Therefore, often we don’t even try.

What we need to do is not be afraid of that darkness.  We can appreciate that in the darkness we can’t see well and therefore may feel stumped at how to approach coping with it or dealing with it.

But what we want to do is stay positive in our certainty-God’s certainty- that we have the power to change this darkness. 

All we have to do is bring the light of God. 

This is never difficult because God gives us exactly what we need to face the darkness and meet whatever challenges it poses.  The darkness is actually just a call for love, so all we need to do is be willing to bring the Love of God and we can be certain that the problem it presents is always ameliorated once the light has simply come into range of the darkness internally.  The darkness actually disappears because it has no reality in truth- because it is not of God.

Often when we encounter darkness we assume that it will be on the winning side when we bring it to the light.  The darkness can seem so powerful and fierce, sometimes we have no clue how to adopt for ourselves this belief that it is really nothing; it is simply the lack of light.  There is no big dark animal pursuing us.  There is nothing inherently damaging about the darkness so we don’t have to fear it.  We just have to have faith that when we are willing to raise the darkness up in our minds, it will never do anything like overtake us or imprison us or cause any lasting damage.  The darkness is the lack of light and therefore, all we have to do is shine light on it and through it.

The light is always by far the absolute strongest component in the negotiation between light and dark. 

The light is always the only power even that exists.  Darkness is actually a figment of our imagination.  We just had a bad dream that seemed to have darkness in it.  However, it has no strength because it is not of God.  This is why light is the only entity with power.  This is why we can always rely on light to be the victor when darkness and light are at odds.  Darkness ceases to exist because it has no reality.

That information alone is enough to simply gain perspective on how minuscule the power of darkness is. 

Darkness is so small it is invisible. 

We have to simply not be afraid of any amount of darkness because we have the light of God to shift that darkness into the happiest outcome in the happiest dream.

The world is always telling us stories about how weak it thinks we are.  The ego is always buying those stories that we are ineffectual at best.  We seem to think that we can’t stand up for ourselves because we get struck by our sense of inadequacy.  This means we are playing that we are weak because we often forget that we are not as we live in the perfect certainty of God’s Mind in our regular life.

The world tells us that darkness is powerful because it seems meaner than light and has a bellowing holler that is louder than the the light which is quiet and certain.  This reasoning works perfectly logically when we simply appreciate that our strength is in our certainty.  We can be loud or quiet in our certainty.  But the certainty always occurs when we remember that we are given the gift of light because it is strong.  Our certainty is what makes us strong because this is the way of God’s purpose for us.  This is why we don’t have to make battle with the darkness at all.  We don’t have to go to war with it or try to win.  What we learn in the Course is that we have already won whatever happens because we have chosen to feel the Light of God.


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