ACIM Lesson 204

Lesson 204: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “The name of God is my inheritance.”  

Lesson 184 says, “Learning that stops with what the world would teach stops short of meaning.” 

We are given learning in our human experience to teach us how to get to God. 

God, in His natural state, is simply in the perfect state of Presence.  God is an experience, and therefore, in the highest energetic elevation; when we meet God, we also are no longer in the world’s routine.  We stop needing learning when we realize we accidentally forgot about God.

When we realize that we are perfect as we are and that God loves us all equally to the max, then, there is nothing else we need to learn.  

We have the need for learning in the ego’s world, because this is where God’s laws are not in focus, and not as readily available, because we are not in the right elevation where God is. 

We just need to realize that we are doing this.  Thus, learning for us now is really important.  We want to get to God and the only way to get there is to get out of the way of the ego and give God and the Holy Spirit reins of our hearts.  It is a quick easy fix to get to God when we simply allow it.

 The Course reminds us that learning has purpose when we give it all to God. 

The old stuff we learning in the ego’s mentality, we realize later is just perpetuating the nightmare in which we find ourselves.

We must learn to forgive the ego’s learning and understand that it got us to where we can get to God.  Nothing can be better for us.

We are asked to get more clear about the difference between what the ego teaches us in the world and what we learn from God through our experience. 

God’s learning takes us to an entirely different level of mentality because it is aligned energetically with God’s energy. 

This is why it feels so good.  We get to join with God in these ideas we learn about and that feels remarkable.

We are asked to not settle for less than the experience of being in the energetic groove of God’s teaching. 

All other teachings are simply band aids.

We get the most minute support from them, and then they fall flat because they are just little pushes without potency of God.   

Know that learning from God’s Will is exactly what we need to heal ourselves and our lives.

This is why we are asked to draw our empowerment from the fullness of God’s messages, not settle for less than the miracles we are entitled to.


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