ACIM Lesson 137

Lesson 137: “When I am healed, I am not healed alone.”

This lesson says, “Just as forgiveness overlooks all sins that never were accomplished, healing but removes illusions that have not occurred.” 

When we accept our sinful nature, then we make it real. 

When we think we are making graves errors then we can’t feel good about ourselves and worthy of love.  This is why we absolutely need forgiveness.

We need a way out of our suffering, we need an escape route out of our pain. 

When we use forgiveness the way the Course teaches, this gives us a fresh new whole element to the forgiveness process which is rare in the world. 

The Course allows us to overlook our belief that we are sinful.  That means we see beyond it and never notice it.  This is a sure departure from the worlds’ philosophy of self-debasing sinful nature.

The Course says that we are here in the ego’s land, and it is all illusion when we interact in the world.

It is all false, and sorely lacking love much of the time. 

The illusion is the ego’s attempt to create a reality for us.  But not one that will make us happy to any degree at all.  The Course says that illusions are just the ego’s way of expressing itself.  The illusion always feeds us messages that we are not worthy or that we are flawed or that we are not valuable enough to receive all of the abundance and enormous favor God bestows on us in the world.

This illusionary state is one where the ego tells us things like we have committed some wrong that can’t be undone.

The Course sets us straight because forgiveness comes with a light and playful and easy attitude and philosophy; forgiveness is where we simply appreciate that nothing bad ever happened in the first place. 

That means no sin ever occurred in our lives or in anyone else’s.  It also means that there was never a disabling illusion that the ego fosters.

This means that everything was just a mistake in our perception because God simply makes no mistake about His knowledge of our qualities and our abilities.  

God is always making sure that forgiveness is exactly as God planned it to be, where we simply in forgiveness come to the awareness that the thing we thought went wrong or that we did wrong, never happened in the first place.

This is why we can count on forgiveness to work every time, with no exception, because God wills it to be so.  

We simply made a mistake in our perception.  We just need to realize the appropriate, God-centered way to view things. 

This is the only thing we need to do and it is easy once practiced.


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