ACIM Lesson 138

Lesson 138: “Heaven is a decision I must make.”

This lesson says, “Of all the choices you have tried to make this is the simplest, most definitive and prototype of all the rest, the one which settles all decisions.” 

We get the great news from the Course that we have only one decision to make. 

The world is layered in complication.   It is always escalating the level of complication and difficulty.  This can stop us cold in our tracks when we reach to make any final decisions.

It always comes with the stress of knowing we need to figure everything out so we can get by on any typical day.  

The Course reminds us that truly, there is nothing to fret about. 

There is nothing to doubt.  There is nothing to dread.  The reality is that there is only one thing we need to do.  This makes our every moment far more peaceful and light and happy because we are not mired in complexity.

Knowing that our choosing God is all we have to do prevents us from a serious amount of suffering because the truth is that things are actually very simple.  

We just need to let it be simple.  The ego always has that attachment to suffering and drama and often we don’t want to set aside the world’s trinkets.

We may stumble in our plan to choose God. 

We must forgive this but then get up again and get back to choosing God. 

When we see that we have such a simple approach to getting to God, then the light in our eyes returns because we remember we never left our home with God.

The word “definitive” means “conclusive.”

We are reminded that God’s will is powerful and strong.

And when we remember that we want to be clear about choosing God, we can remember the strength and potent power behind God’s will and energy. 

That means that we can draw on this any time we feel we have lost some resolve to stay on task of choosing God. 

The Course gives us this gentle message but also very clear. 

It shows us the way we are meant to be within our own minds when we are working on remembering to choose God.

Then word “prototype” means “original.”

Here, it reminds us that God invites us to remember that all decisions get resolved when we simply remember the power of this one choice when we make it clearly.

It is ever so helpful to let go of any and all other questions that we may have in the world or decisions that we need to make.

It turn out that when we make this primary priority to choose God first then the rest of our lives will follow suit. 

All other decisions or questions or concerns we may have disappear with the simple reminder that there is no other problem out there once we remember God.

We can willingly let it all go because it all loses meaning when we get through to making the one and only important choice, God.


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