2-25-15 Lesson 56 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lesson 56: Review: “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.” “Above all else I want to see.” “Above all else I want to see differently.” “God is in everything I see.” “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

My invulnerability is always in tact.  We so often believe we are wounded and are victims.  We can go straight to victimhood in a heart beat.  The ego sings its sad song and proclaims we always have an unsolvable problem.  Living within such a scenario- it’s no wonder that we feel vulnerable to life’s little digs.  The ego likes to claim victimhood and blame someone else.  Because we got slighted the ego says the cause is most definitely another who wants us to suffer.

We project onto others our attack thoughts so we can only see an onslaught of evil deeds done to us.  We have to understand how rare it is for the ego to feel good and to not feel wounded.  We naturally feel wounded too if we let the ego do the creating of our reality.  This is why we have to make our number one priority be the identification with God Source where we are in fact invulnerable to the slights of the world.

When we make commitment to see, this is when we are waking up at last.  The ego has us dancing around in circles and never progressing forward in healthy ways because the ego’s ideas are all about depreciating our self worth and judging absolutely everything.  This tends to go on unabated because the ego claims this is the only way of things.

Fortunately we have this Course in which we are taught that we can absolutely change the picture of any and all we see, when we simply make willingness to see.  We just need to make the smallest of efforts to simply stop creating the problem- by having illuminated moments when we are happily connected with Godly vision and see from our hearts.

The beauty of having these wakening moments when we are seeing clearly with God vision is that we stop seeing life as destruction and pain, where we fill up that old void within with not the same proclamation of suffering.  We can create a life filled with love in each moment because we can realize that when we are willing to see past the darkness, to see that it never existed.  Then we can fill the void with the perfect antidote to any amount of suffering we think we had.


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