2-26-15 Lesson 57 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lesson 57: “I am not the victim of the world I see.” “I have invented the world I see.” “There is another way of looking at the world.” “I could see peace instead of this.” “My mind is part of God’s.  I am very holy.”

First we have to say with certainty that we are not victims.  The first step is simply questioning reality.  We want to see what is actually happening.  Then instead of doing the ego’s recoil of fear and blame and playing the injured, we just have to realize when we feel this way, this is not the chance to sit and agonize about it.

This is the chance to thwart these beliefs of martyrdom.  Give ourselves the willingness to see for what it is and then give our attachment to making that real an undoing.  When we just stand up and allow there to be the slim possibility that the ego is wrong, then we can simply resurface with just the smallest amount of openness that we were wrong.

When we realize we invented the world we see, then we can stop creating the problem.  We understand what we are doing at last.  This is when we can make that small portion of doubt in our minds by unlatching the door to our openness even bigger.  We also assert some truth to stop the ego’s projection of its pain into our realities.  All we need to do is just know it can happen, that we can see things differently.  When we feel simply empowered to make this change, it began with the small path we made with that little bit of doubt before.

When we start to see that we can choose peace instead we really start to move the energy inside us.  We become opened instead of the ego’s closed trap door.  Then when we are open for this change, choosing peace instead becomes a natural alternate response to the ego’s insanity. These lessons lead us into the direction of peace.  We learn how to systematically change our minds because God loves us so much, He wants to give us a sure fire way to peace.


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