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Miracles Lesson 21

Miracles Lesson 21: “I am determined to see things differently.” This lesson says, “It is merely the belief that some forms of attack are more justified than others.” The Course explains that all attack is not acceptable. Our egos confuse us, and they terrorize our minds. The egos say...

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Miracles Lesson 14

The Course repeatedly reminds us that the world is meaningless and, therefore, God did not create it. The ego goes full speed ahead, making misery in the world. The Course explains how we have this experience of horror in the world. No kidding!! The world fills up with blemishes,...

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Miracles Lesson 7

 Miracles Lesson 7: “I see only the past. “ The Course says all I see is the past. How true this is!  The past is a bunch of loaded situations. The Course says that the past includes things we think we know or about which we have some awareness....

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Miracles Lesson 365

Miracles Lesson 365: Introduction: Final lessons: “This Holy instant would I give to you. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.”  This introduction states, “For we would not return to the belief in sin that made the world seem ugly...

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Miracles Lesson 358

Miracles Lesson 358: “What am I?” “No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered. And of this, I can be sure: His answer is the only one I want.” The Course says that we can access God through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is then...

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Miracles Lesson 351

Miracles Lesson 351: “What am I?” “My sinless brother is my guide to peace. My sinful brother is my guide to pain. And which I choose to see, I will behold.” The Course says that no one is sinful because God creates us of God’s Essence, and God is...

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Miracles Lesson 344

Miracles Lesson 344: “What is a miracle?” “Today, I learn the law of Love that what I give my brother is my gift to me.” The Course says that God’s correct version of how things are in total abundance in the Universe. Our egos and the dark parts of...

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ACIM Lesson 256

Lesson 256: “What is sin?”  “God is the only goal I have today.” This lesson reminds us, “The way to God is forgiveness here.  There is no other way.”  Forgiveness is the God given instructions and plans that God gave us to actually make the world one full of...

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ACIM Lesson 249

Lesson 249: “What is the World?”  “Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.” This lesson says, “Forgiveness paints a world where suffering and loss is over, loss becomes impossible, and anger makes no sense.”  The way for us to really get out of our rut of constant attack energy is...

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ACIM Lesson 242

Lesson 242: “What is the World?”  “This day is God’s.  It is my gift to Him.” This lesson says, “We come with wholly open minds.”   There is only one thing that God is asking us to do.  God wants us to come to Him- unburdened by a cluttered...

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