Miracles Lesson 26

1-26-24 Lesson 26: “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. “ 

This lesson verifies that you will fear attack because we will project our attack thoughts. And if you fear attack, you must believe you are not invulnerable.

The Course explains that we are invulnerable when we are open to God’s energy and flow. He created us all with his Godly Energy, resulting in unshakable energy because God’s perfect energy designs us; therefore, we manifest excellent energy and form the way God built us.

I have always had complex health problems, so I never bought into this whole idea that we can be and feel invulnerable. I just concluded that this does not incorporate me, so I have never been into developing the belief that this is true, so I feel grateful to hear this news from the Course about the truth of all of us.

When I read God’s truth there, I try to take it. We are invulnerable if we do not proceed into energetic attack energy. We need to watch our minds and not allow when attack energy comes in; we need to modify it promptly so we do not suffer or linger about how God’s energy heals us because God’s energy is powerful and capable. So this means we are capable of all abundance and ease because, as God’s children, it is our birthright. 

Hearing the Course’s interpretation of our energy and purpose as God’s children makes believing in our invulnerability easier because I take this truth in little by little.

It makes me think this is possible if not currently present, so a more significant portion of me is buying into it because it makes sense when I hear it, even if it feels like a stretch. So, the Course detailing this is one reason I feel closer to buying into the idea. 

I love the idea that we are invulnerable when we know a connection to God, so this knowledge enhances our ease in the world dramatically because we are open and feel the whole piece of that God creates our energy.

So this helps my time on earth better because I can feel I am attached to God. So when I remember this, I feel more robust, healthier, and more manageable because I can take in the truth.

All Love;

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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