Lesson 357 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lesson 357: “What am I?”  “Truth answers every call we make to God.  Responding first with miracles, and then returning unto us to be itself.”

The Course says that when we have any ripple in our mind’s inner calmness with some jutting out of what seems like debris in the wave in our minds we just have to go to God.  We have to realize that we can go to God for each moment we have when we are seeming to search for answers.  We can go to God when it seems like there is a problem.  Our awareness of peace can feel ruffled and we need simply turn to God and know that He is the best and only answer we need.

The extraordinary thing is that God is always there for us to simply remind us of the truth we need.  God is never any farther from us than our very own heartbeat.  God is within us without fail and while we live in the earth we have this heartbeat that is constantly inside of us giving us the strength to live.  This is similar to how we can think of God.  God is always within us, therefore so close that we don’t even think of God outside of us where we need to in some way join with God in an external way.  We are already with God inside of us so we just have to stop a moment and check into our minds so we notice that God is already there.
The best way to live is when our hearts and minds are filled with God.  When we have a moment of losing sight with this definite reality, we sometimes don’t know how to live in our own peace of mind and are unclear about which direction  to take when our focus is not on God.  We are lost.  The Course says what we need to do is get back into the mind state where God is our only focus.  When we get stuck it is because we are forgetting to attend to the blocks to Love’s presence.  What we must do is get out of the way of the solution, which is the miracle in the world’s terms and in God’s terms.  The miracle is our shift in consciousness.  This is the simple and only solution to any memory lapse in our constant connection with God energy and God identity.  The miracle helps us get out of our own way because it helps us to undo our mind’s moment of forgetting that we have the most fortunate of options available to us always- we get to choose peace.


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