Lesson 358 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lesson 358: “What am I?”  “No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered.  And of this I can be sure; His answer is the one I want.”

We have a sure relationship with God.  We are used to hearing that God is cranky at best and will decide moment to moment whether He wants to answer our calls for help.  We have been told that God is fickle and can’t be bothered with our sorrows.  We hear God is above our lowly problems and God may or may not look out for us.  The world says we need to be prepared to receive a God Who is not always looking out for us.  God picks and chooses who gets to be lucky enough for God’s magic wand of service and we just sit by the sidelines and worry about whether God will include us when we ask with a burning prayer of desperate need.

This leaves us feeling terrible.  If God is not consistent and always loving we would face a whole lifetime of inner drama because we would never be above the insane feeling of anxiety.  We would just sit and suffer all the time because we had come to believe that God is only partially committed to serving us and caring for us.  We would feel anxious all the time because we would never know when God had our backs and when God was throwing us to the wolves.

This itself would leave us always suffering but we would also wonder if God really has our best interest at heart if we don’t have a correct perception of the way God Loves us.  When we have this idea that God is not always available for us, we would definitely doubt the kind of Will God actually has for us.  This is why we have to simply stop and remember that God is always available for the serving us with a clear direction when we have questions and concerns.  We can then feel at peace with God’s dedication to us- this will do away with that nagging anxiety that we feel when we forget this about God.

Our work is to just keep tuning into the truth.  God loves us infinitely and provides us with every bit of blessed direction we need at each juncture.  We can know that God gives us the answers as for the purpose of His Will being carried out into the Universe.  This is why we can rest that it is the best option for us and it is the way we center on our peace of mind.


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