Lesson 88 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lesson 88: “The light has come.” “I am under no laws but God’s.”

Yesterday’s lesson was that there is no will but God’s.  Today’s says we are under no laws but God’s.  Our ego separates everything the Course says.  The ego tends to get obsessed about the details in our world.  Our ego likes to go into great depths of our story and live life like we have to pay attention to the minute picturing and perception of what we see.  The Course reminds us that this is just the ego’s way of distracting us, because we get entrenched in the detail of the world.

In that view, we forget God.  We forget that God’s answer is simple and singular.  The ego likes to focus on the details that derail us from our beam of balance.  The Course teaches us to notice when this seems like it might happen, but then before any such nonsense occurs, step back into the view of God.  In God’s view we can trust that living will always be harmonious.

When we realize that only God’s will exists this is the first step to being able to choose just this single option.  When we do, our minds are then aligned and no longer in conflict because we are not trying to perpetuate anything other than God’s view.  This is why we will be at peace with such a single view.  Our hearts are not at battle within because we see there is only one direction to go.  The Course teaches us that in God’s terms there are no such things as laws.

God is a perfect energy so we don’t have to manifest this energy into anything because as a state of Being, it has no need to take form.  However, we are in the world at the present so we are asked to forgive ourselves and then understand that the laws of the world are meant to be used only for God’s purpose.  We don’t have to feel bound by the laws of the world but see that we can use them for God’s higher good.  Then know that laws of the world have no impact on us.  Step out of the light of the impact of such a reflection.  Understand the laws of the world inherently have no meaning. They are simply tools we can use temporarily to get back home.


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