Lesson 89 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lesson 89: Review: “I am entitled to miracles.” “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

Can’t get enough of the amazing reality that we are all entitled to miracles!  This is the greatest gift because it is the way to see differently.  And when we perceive differently, the quality of our lives sky rockets.  We become the luckiest guy or gal out there because God so loves us as He gave us the keys to finding peace and joy right now in this very moment on earth.  What is extraordinary is that God wants us to be thoroughly happy and live in the mindset that we are blessed beyond words.

This is why God set up the miracle for us to integrate now into our mind.  God wants us to get the very best of the best, so God sets up the purpose and quality of the miracle.  God makes the miracle ever available to us to grace us with the shift in consciousness that we so want.  And God tells us that we deserve the miracle too.  Because we are the holy offspring of God, we are graced with this way to completely about face any notion of being stuck where we are.

God says miracles are here for us in this very moment and miracles are the way we get to peace.  The miracle is the understanding that there was never anything wrong.  When we use and apply the miracle to each circumstance, we are infinitely blessed.  The miracle simply brings our hearts to a  calm and certain peace.  The miracle gives us that shift in consciousness that undoes entirely whatever suffering we buy into in the moment.  This is why we want to turn to the miracle for the instant return out of the hell we believe in when we forget God.

The miracle is the absolute gift of life while we exist on planet earth.  We often hear in the world that something external is going to bring us peace.  But the Course teaches us here that the miracle is in actuality, the number one and the only way to sure peace.  This is why we can be so utterly thrilled that the miracle is ours because this is the constant way out of our belief in our own anguish.

The miracle is the feeling that makes everything better.  A lot of people keep focusing on externals to appease us.  But the miracle gives us a feeling that changes our whole being.  Then the feeling infiltrates everything because the feeling expands exponentially in our minds.  This is why the miracle makes us happy.  No matter what is going on around us in the world, when our feelings change from the miracle, everything takes on exquisite light.  We heal because the miracle leads us to a perception of the perfect light.


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