ACIM Lesson 120

Lesson 120: Review: “I rest in God.”  “I am as God created me.”

This lesson says, “Today, I lay aside all sick illusions of myself, and let my Father tell me Who I really am.” 

The Course reminds us that we must rest in our certainty, and in order to embrace and embody our certainty, we must also embrace our grandeur, which is specifically of God. 

Our grandeur is that confidence we have that is filled with self-respect. 

When we feel good about ourselves, then we are eager to share ourselves with other people and we can do this from an air of our grandeur.

When we know we are God-created and graced with all the abundance because of God, then there is a total knowing that we are worthy because God says so. 

God has made it part of His Universal plan that our lives turn out exactly as they do.  We can trust God to give us the Keys to the Kingdom and our salvation because God says He will.

We can trust Him implicitly because God is perfect and remains perfect. 

Thus, He wants only the best for us because He is ever devoted to our happiness and abundance.  

The Course reminds us how to live through our certainty.

We must let our certainty be something that we feel totally, because it is God given, and meant to be ours, and therefore, we have no reason to reject it on any level. 

Our certainty gives us that wonderful feeling that we are worthy of all the wonderful things that will happen and living through our certainty allows us to exude self respect and a comfortable confidence.

When the ego’s agenda gets into our minds, then we often end up in the mind state of grandiosity,  where we don’t really feel good about ourselves because we don’t believe the will of God that the Course declares.

Or, we get too arrogant in our confidence, since the ego tends to extremes- either too little confidence or too much. 

Sometimes, when people slip into the ego’s grandiosity, they may get lost in arrogance.

The ego never feels good enough, lack of self worth is always underneath the ego’s game.

This is why the ego always acts out in some ways because that baseline feeling good is never the case. 

The ego always lacks when it comes to feeling enough self respect and self- love.  Then, the ego acts out when this lack of self love happens, where the ego resorts to grandiosity.

Then, in this grandiosity, we forget how to have a balanced relationship to God’s love and favor.

We want to share our selves from a place of grandeur, where we know we are worthy because we are created as God’s children, and then we can bring confidence and certainty about all the cool things we have done in the world, because being our unique selves is extraordinary and cool. 

But this is never occurs with that ego grandiosity where we end up with our feeling or acting better than anyone else.

We want to have self- respect to share about ourselves but be respectful of other people and give them space to share because they are equally as gifted and cool. 


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