Lesson 344 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lesson 344: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.”

The Course teaches us that laws do not actually apply in God’s world.  The laws about the way the Universe appears to operate to us are in fact false illusions.  The world says that our laws are meaningless truly.  We use the laws to help us navigate the world; we can use this information contained in what we call laws to help us function.  This information can help us.  However Jesus teaches us that these laws are just symbols that contribute to aiding us in negotiating what we need to do to get by and preferably do this well.  Laws provide us with clues about how to allow the world to make sense.

What the Course teaches us is to get out of the insistence that these laws are necessarily always true.  Jesus teaches us that when we accept the laws in a very specific way then we can live in them and still have peace.  We can live in them in a highly functional way that doesn’t rely on those laws for some set of what is the absolute truth to us.  The Course teaches us to use laws because they help us get through life, but while we allow them to be helpful we want to also realize that they are in no way absolute.  The world says laws are the utmost truth and Jesus in the Course teaches us to take laws lightly.  What we want to do is use them and then simultaneously be open to the idea that they may not even be the slightest bit true.  We need to hold simultaneously that they have truth that we can depend on to help us interpret what we see, but they also could be totally wrong.  We need to hold both truths simultaneously and have no hard time about it.

The Course teaches us to get out of the box.  The Course says that everything in the world can be wrong, all of our beliefs and perceptions  can all be wrong.  This is ever such a kind statement because it allows us to open our minds.  When we get deeply engrossed in living out whatever law we might see as true, we just can entirely miss that there may be so very much more in the world for us to be happy about and there may be so much more abundance in our worldly experience.   The Course is helping us shape our minds.  The beauty of it is that it is good to help us get out of these strict rules that we often live by in the world.  The Course teaches us how to rattle our foundation.  We want to be excited by the opening of our minds to such extraordinary possibilities in life.  We are very commonly bound by laws.  The Course teaches us to redo our focus away from anything that will restrict us.
The Course says our rules are never of true importance.  Our task is to find out how to use them to the best of our ability and then let them go.  Rules in the world are essentially of no value when we instead can focus on God.  Once we loosen our tight grip on perpetuating the world’s laws the Course teaches instead to to allow the concept of laws to be completely applied to God’s purpose.  We must understand that God has a plan and we can use this idea of laws to put it in use of God’s plan.  This is the way to use the laws for a higher purpose that serves all humanity.  Just apply all potent belief in the standing of a law and then instead allow that law to be filled with God’s purpose instead of the world’s agenda.


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