ACIM Lesson 93

Lesson 93: “Light and joy and peace abide in me.”

This lesson says, “Idle thoughts are meaningless.”  

The Course teaches us to remove ourselves from judging what our thoughts are. 

We are asked not to further invest in what we are thinking and allow God’s version in instead.

The way we can do this is we allow all we see to come with it a message from the Holy Spirit about what it is. 

Our job is to first evaluate what we see with the simple raising of our awareness of what is in our perspective. 

We just get out of the ego habit of defining everything.

The instant we let the ego have any opinion at all, we automatically end up with a whole reckless score of judgement and attack energy, in the form of drama and grievances. 

Nothing comes back in our inner reflections, having a neutral position, where we notice with a curious heart what we see. 

The ego quickly decides that each thing has a very specific way of looking at it.

The ego gets heavily invested in defining. 

The ego always adds attack energy because the ego is purely of grievances.  When we allow the ego any voice, instantly we hear the raging of a lunatic.

The ego fiercely defends its position that the ego knows the right of things and we don’t argue because the ego is a tough nut and we get exhausted from battling the ego.

The Course reminds us that our other option is to do something that changes everything.

When we come to situations and simply ask in the process about what it is instead of listening to the ego’s version, then we feel entirely different. 

Then our energy feels quite light.  Then we are simply open to listening because the ego’s agenda is not at the center of our hearts in the moment.

That little willingness we get in the process when we want to get to that inner shift inside of us that we prefer over the ego is all part of what makes our process work. 

When we allow that willingness to carry us to the next level of higher inner elevation, then we also get more accustomed to including ourselves in the solution.


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