ACIM Lesson 92

Lesson 92: “Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.”

This lesson says, “Weakness, which looks in darkness, cannot see a purpose in forgiveness and in love.” 

The ego thinks that the frightening things in the world are the most powerful because they give us the biggest startle response.  

Our shuddering appears to have the most impact on us the ego perceives because this is how the body feels and operates in the world.  We adopt the ego’s version because it is familiar.  The ego sees in darkness.  Our fear is always in darkness.

It feels most intense so we assume that this is true power. 

The Course teaches us a totally different tune.

The Course says that our power always comes from God’s light which is in the form of our certainty. 

The fear of the ego’s startle response triggers us to believe in the power of the darkness. 

This is something we have mistakenly associated with strength.  But the reality is that this connection between them is entirely wrong.

The Course says that our power is strictly from God because this is where we get light. 

Then, we become open to receive the influx of God’s love simply because we are open to it.

God’s light always brings us a moment of truth.  

We then can connect with the reality of strength coming from something totally different.   The Course says that our certainty comes from our knowing we are lovable and that when we feel this certainty then nothing in the world can affect us because we are sure of God’s love.

When we bring certainty with us, then the world stops startling us because we are so grounded and full of God’s Love. 

This is why we want to allow ourselves to reconnect with that flow of God’s love at each part of our day, because this is where our happiness lies.

Our power comes from love because it is from God.  

Our certainty which is the knowing we are full of God’s love allows us to stay connected to the Source that truly feeds us in every situation.

This also is the way we reconnect with forgiveness when we have overlooked an opportunity to forgive. 

This opening in the Universe’s plan where we have the perfect opportunity to bring love is the perfect place to forgive. 

We just need to be willing to remember that our forgiveness is the way we bring love to the world.

The world thinks there are problems and forgiveness is the version of love that allows us to answer calls for love with the simple affirmation that love is always available and present.  

We just have to be witness to the love and to the forgiveness process, whichever is appropriate in the moment.

We just need to remember that that startle response means nothing in the end.

The power of God’s certainty of God’s love is the most extraordinarily powerful thing we can ever encounter. 

We just need to realize that we were mistaken in downplaying how great we feel when we carry God’s love with us.  Thank goodness we can reassess what gives us true power.

We just need to realize that true power-of God- is always in our minds. 

And this is the seat of light itself. 

Then miracles come right to our consciousness when we are plugged into the light. 

Then remembering forgiveness becomes easy and simple because we realize it is the way we feel strong and stable.


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