Lesson 91: “Miracles are seen in light.”

This lesson says, “The miracles your sense of weakness hides will leap into awareness as you feel the strength in you.” 

The ego has this part of us that believes we are weak- that each aspect of us is defective.  The ego has these beliefs about us that say we are incapable and unworthy and uncertain.

We have all these false beliefs about ourselves because the ego is  practiced at feeling inadequate and giving this our energy intention. 

Therefore, we make our beliefs seem actually real. The ego does this because our ego’s like to complain and be immersed in our own inner war.

We have constant attack thoughts always going through our minds and the ego latches onto them and accentuates them because the ego can and likes to take control.  The ego thrives on our suffering.

The Course reminds us that this energy of the ego is absolutely dark.

This energy of attack toward ourselves is always cast with shadows throughout that thinking. 

This darkness clouds our vision and we actually start to believe some of the faulty things the ego adopts.  When it is so dark within, it is hard to remember that the darkness is just the ego’s thing.

We can, rather, choose the inner lightness of God within whenever we want.

Just appreciate that we are not just going through the motions because we think ideally it would be better to choose God.

Appreciate that we need to choose light within our own minds for our purpose totally, as well as God’s.

  We get to be able to see clearly, and our vision becomes open and easy, as soon as we remove the blocks to love’s presence- which are all shrouded in darkness.

When we see clearly, then we can approach the Holy Spirit for direction with a significantly increased level of awareness about what is actually happening and how we truly feel about it. 

This is only for our own benefit.  

It of course, serves all as well, but we want to first do it for simply our own benefit because of the extraordinary way it helps us specifically.  Then, later we can do it for all as well if we want to for everyone involved.

It helps to remind us all that we have every reason to want to do it for ourselves if we just take the time and focus to notice why we want to do it for ourselves. 

This then becomes the perfect motivator when we have moments of resisting.

I love this word and picture- that miracles will LEAP into our awareness as we feel God’s strength in us.

The problem is that we often believe the ego’s story- that we are not powerful and strong.

Then we resist making effort to change our minds because it feels like such a huge effort to make any progress when we believe we are weak. 

The Course reminds us that all we need to do is have a little willingness to change our minds.  

We don’t have to do more.

This alone is perfectly enough. 

We just need to have that part of us that is up for making our own evolution through God’s will in our choosing our thinking. 

We just need the smallest part of us willing to show up.  That is enough.

Then, God does all the rest. 

God is our power.  

God allows the miracles to leap into our awareness.  God is not at all defective- when it comes to strength.

Just remember God has so much power that He will show up and allow miracles to leap as though a vault like motion because God is with infinite strength.


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