ACIM Lesson 90

Lesson 90: Review: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”  “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”

One of the definite problems of our ego thinking is that the ego goes through much focus on regurgitating the problem. 

The ego loves the story and the ego goes to great lengths to give it energy and make it real.

The problem with this is that the suffering that the ego does in the process is deeply troubling. 

We have a choice in the process.  We can see what is front of us and evaluate with a light heart.  We don’t have to ensnare our story in some serious level of drama.  The ego thrives on drama that never ends.

One of the problems of even traditional psychotherapy at times can be that we end up never resolving any problems.  The ego often just wants to be heard and supported in the process of grieving and also making our emotional world one with great stress in it.

We have the option of using psychotherapy for the benefit of being in a trusting relationship in which we can hash out our emotional issues and grow and evolve from feedback or our own simple wandering in our minds.  

We are asked to appreciate that our getting to some place of more resolution is absolutely essential to our peace of mind and the quality of our lives. 

The ego is very often the one to belabor some point and obsessively go on about some wound we felt. 

It is very important for the ego to be heard.

Our listening attentively does help the ego not to go into a place of denying feelings and shoving them under the rug in our minds. 

Listening is surely part of the solution, however, we are simply asked to be certain we don’t further fuel the ego’s attack energy when it comes up in our self discovery process. 

We are asked to stop and not perpetuate the attack thoughts. 

The only way to heal ourselves in the end is to not give the attack energy further enhancing.  We are asked specifically by the Course to be sure to let God into the situation when we truly want to heal.

Our simple request to God and our open invitation to God is the way to simply bring us a heart of forgiveness and be filled with total love. 

We must let God into the picture. 

The only problem with any other solution is that it is not made of God. 

All ego plans result in nothing and we are reminded that God gives us the keys to the Kingdom.

All we have to do is grab God’s hand and go.


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