ACIM Lesson 89

Lesson 89: Review: “I am entitled to miracles.”  “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

This lesson says, “Let me not hold a grievance against you, name, but offer you the miracle that belongs to you instead.” 

The miracle is a shift in consciousness and the Course teaches us to bring the miracle to any and every situation in which we notice there appears to be a call for love or a lack of love.  

When we bring the miracle, then we end up bringing love to that situation because it is the energy of God that heals the situation.

The miracle is the reminder that all is perfect and whole already.

When we notice what happens in the situation, we are asked to simply evaluate the circumstance, bring no judgement about what we see. 

Our task is to collect information, and then we have a clear view and perception so that we can ask the Holy Spirit how we should proceed in action, as a response to the call for love.

The Course says the miracle is always a potentially available in every situation. 

There is nothing that can not heal from our flooding of love to what we see.

We must remember that God has a purpose and this is simply to share love. 

Our sharing love is the most important thing we can do and we practice to hone our skills.  Ideally, we want for God’s love to be felt and embraced by all in the situation.  This happens when we are willing to do our parts and bring love.  The miracle is our opportunity to change our minds.

The miracle is the most sacred thing we can do when we see a call for love because it is the simple memory that God’s love is everywhere and that we are all recipients, and that all we have to do is think about it and accept it. 

That means all we need to do in the miracle is feel it and know it.

We just need to remember that God’s Love is our power and it is what makes us feel good and it is present within us always.

We don’t have to do anything when we bring the miracle to try to change or affect a situation in any certain way.

We don’t have to fix the world we see. 

We only have to change our thinking. 

Our feeling and our knowing that we are loved is the most powerful force that can exist in the world. 

This certainty that God loves us is the biggest show on earth because it comes from the highest of high elevated energy.

This energy of God is exactly what we feel and know and exude when we bring the miracle, and this is why it works to change things within us and often in the world as well. 

It works because God is the only supremely powerful Entity- capable of everything.

Therefore, we just have to experience the miracle in our own minds when we bring it to the world because this is utterly healing for us.  We don’t have to make the world in any way different.

Nothing has to change except our energy and minds, then this becomes ultra powerful and simply heals us along the way.  

It also may very directly heal the situation at hand.

That elevated consciousness is often exactly what the world needs to get its own dose of pure  healing and then shift in some material way.  

It this doesn’t happen in the world’s picturing, still trust that the miracle will affect all people near and far because the energy of God is all powerful.

Just appreciate that we can’t necessarily see what effects happen around the world as we live and share a miracle with ourselves and others.

Just trust the miracle to be miraculous. 


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