ACIM Lesson 165

Lesson 165: “Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.”

The Course reminds us that we get the abundant Love and abundant favor from God permanently simply because God loves us and is entirely dedicated to us. 

The beauty of our existence is that we are always in a position of being the ones for Whom God provides infinitely.  Therefore, God is always going to make sure we are entirely provided for because God loves us so awesomely and intensely.  

Thus, everything in our human lives will be provided for us, because God is at the helm of our ships, and God decrees it so. 

And so there is no denying this. 

The Course is always simply pointing out to us, that we are the only ones who forgot all the great fortune we have from God, and all the amazing luck, and great fortune- in worldly things, as God wants it to be this way. 

Therefore, the only problem we could ever have is that we end up denying God’s Will and Purpose for us. 

This is such an amazing fact, when we sit and take this in.

We just need to not make this silly mistake again- of simply spacing about all of the great fortune we have, and forgetting to remember that God is there giving us all we need.

The Course reminds us that when we forget, there is zero reason to feel guilty. 

The ego likes to fortify our guilt, and leave it simmering within us. 

Whereas, God is a totally different animal. 

God is there- with us- telling us that we made no error of consequence. 

Therefore, guilt is absolutely unneeded and undesirable. 

In fact, we never want to go with the feeling, that we are- in any way- not innocent, or that we have sinned- and are thus, guilty.  

God wants us rather to sit in our certainty that all is well instead. 

We could never offend God, because God doesn’t see the world as real, and the whole prospect of our sin could never happen, because we are of God’s ilk. 

We are of God’s Energy, and therefore, our innocence is guaranteed. 

Guilt is part of the nightmare. 

Catch this when it comes up, and give it back to God, to simply to disentangle it from our consciousness. 

Guilt is such a huge block to Love’s presence. 

We may even miss how powerfully affected we are when we feel guilty, because it can seem less drastic than rage, resentment, and fear, or panic. 

The Course reminds us beautifully how guilt is entirely a block to Love’s presence, just like anything else that is not- love. 

So do not minimize it, and disregard it, because it may seem insignificant.

The Course says, any upset- however little- is still an upset. 

We need to stay on being aware of all the upsets, no matter what degree they may seem to take.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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