Laurie’s Positive Points: Note to Self

Note to Self— Stay in tune with the blessing and grace of God.  

Our lives are filled with choices, and everything manifests into the world according to our own choice. 

This is easy enough when we think about it. 

It even sounds like a craved for possibility- if I get to choose my own way, then I get to be responsible for my perception.  

I get to call it how it really is, and this is ultra empowering. 

How fun is that?? 

What if it is all about me, and all about you, we, as individuals. 

We get to have our own unique and personal show, according to us. 

That means everything is part of  the plan that we choose, so we can step up, and make it our own.    

We get to be the ones in charge of everything, and this is cooler than cool. 

Just sit and remind ourselves of this, and allow this awareness to sink deeply into our consciousness. 

This ability to choose is all we need to achieve the awesome, happy dream. 

We just need to have the awareness in the first place that we are in charge of choosing the dream as we see it.  

This awareness is all we need to lead us to that next place of making the conscious decision to choose another perception of the reality before us. 

Then, we get to change our perspective, on what we see, and be willing to choose this.  

Note to self- wake up today, and don’t miss a second of the happy reality that entails seeing forgiveness wide and clear in front of us, capable and open to doing something totally new.  

But sure to listen to that inner voice of the Holy Spirit, so that we are open  to getting into the elevated Energy and consciousness of God. 

That Voice within us is just the way for us to get a clue about how to get into a really happy, and healthy, and appropriate perspective. 

Choosing the Holy Spirit is like listening to that little Voice inside of us that makes us feel good and centered and well.  

The Holy Spirit is a part of God, who listens intently to us and consistently.

Don’t forget to listen to that subtle awareness within us, that is that clarity, and hint of knowing which direction to go. 

God is always in conversation with us, through the Holy Spirit. 

We just need to be open to the connection. Just trust that God is going to speak within us, and listen.  

Our trust in God to show up and communicate with us is a huge leap of faith for a lot of us.

 Some of us- like our egos- say such falsehoods- such as God is too important to speak to us directly. 

We go into deeply the ego’s arrogance, and allow the ego to make us think God would not engage with us.  

We are learning how to realize that God absolutely loves us to no end, and God created us innocent forever. 

Therefore, we need to come to the awareness that God wants to speak to us.  God has the time to speak to us because of how greatly God loves us. 

We need to finally release all the illusions that we are not good enough for God. 

Then, once we learn to accept that, then loving ourselves is easier too because we have a higher opinion of ourselves.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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