Laurie’s Positive Points: Live with Purpose

Live with purpose: 

Don’t forget to live consciously and remember to take care of ourselves and have deep self-respect galore, but coupled with self-respect, we must be conscious and explicit and live well. 

We get to choose. We choose our intention and energy in each moment.

Remember to be conscious and aware and make sure we are managing how to carry all of those aspects of our lives at once to have the most fantastic reality because we exude total grace and ease when we remember to be conscious.  

We make mistakes all the time, and we need to forgive ourselves when we do, but to still stand up and take the bold step of forgiving ourselves so we can promptly move onto some other part of life when we want to do so.

Miracles are when we are willing to bring love to our lives and apply it aptly. We make mistakes as all humans do, so we need to be aware and see when we do.

When we see we have made mistakes, we can move on to applying forgiveness to our minds, bodies, and souls. Forgiveness is the pardoning of whatever we see that we don’t like.

We need to make peace with our defects. Forgiveness is our balm to safety and security, and we need to make forgiveness the one thing we all turn to whenever we make mistakes.

We may not realize that our mistakes can be in any area of life, so we need to take a closer look within and find out where we have gotten off the Godly track and got led astray. 

We need to get crystal clear when we make mistakes so let us look at this adequately and determine what we need to do to prevent more mistakes. Sometimes if we watch our inner selves, we have more clarity about what kinds of errors we make and then try to correct this behavior. Try to change our minds snd perspectives and try to make the outcome of the mistake different the next time or the next time we make mistakes.

Nothing is ever wrong. Our egos tell us there Is concurrently, but we need to make clear we stay out of the problem and refuse to participate in making mistakes still and then stop this behavior of making mistakes if we can. We want to have peace within.  

It does not matter if we get to a place in our consciousness where we stop making so many mistakes and being off beam. Being on beam can happen, so enjoy this when and if we do because it is worth celebrating.

But if that does not happen, we need to stay in the pursuit of life by being present in the moment and still living life with gusto. We can make fewer mistakes or continue to make plenty, but the real important thing is that we enjoy all we see.

While we live, pleasure can seem so daunting to lots of people with whom humor and play and joy elude us, but remember to take the time and effort to laugh and play and be full of joy because it will be the best time ever.

When we are joyful, we are full of fun, and nothing can bring us down at all because we exude joy and peace and lightness. So be truly powerful simply by remembering to laugh and smile.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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