Miracles Lesson 42

 Lesson 42: “God is my strength, Vision is His gift.”

This lesson explains, “You can not but be at the right place at the right time.”

God has a plan. The Course makes this clear that God has a plan. God is our Benefactor and helper, so God, of course, knows what is best for all of us. God is perfect; He is a Supreme Being, so we can understand that God has a perfect plan for our lives because this is the nature of God.

God never makes mistakes because He is Supreme, so this means there can be no error in the picture of our lives because God is in charge of figuring out what the plan is, so we can trust that all is well in our lives, whatever is happening, or in the world.

We can trust implicitly that God’s Plan is constantly in motion and moving forward. We need to be willing to participate in the world and our lives and know that all is well there.

 When we know that all events in the world are in perfect order and capacity, we can trust that all is well because we feel it within. Since we are always in God’s Universe, we can trust that everything that is happening is perfect. We can know there are no problems. 

The Course says that since God is perfect and the Universal Plan is perfect, then this means that we must never forget that we are always in the right place at the right time since we know God makes no errors.

When there are calls for Love in the world or problems, we can trust that God has a perfect plan for the picture we see. We need to accept that God has a beautiful way of teaching us how to grow bigger because sometimes we find calls for Love in the world. So sometimes, we need to forgive when we see calls for Love.

We need not get frustrated when we see calls for Love, and instead realize that God has a perfect plan and that all is well even though we see a call for Love, So we need to forgive this call for Love and not get frustrated about it.

God wants us to learn some great lessons in the process of finding a way to add Love to the call for Love. God wants us to get more advanced in our capacity for bringing Love to calls for Love. We need more power within our beings to learn how to bring Love. God has a perfect plan. We need to forgive it if we get upset about it.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindiowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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