Miracles Lesson 35

Miracles Lesson 35: “My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.”

The Course says that we are united with God. We are combined with God essentially, and this means that God is our benefactor, and He provides us with all great things because God loves us so much.

The Course explains as a first point that God loves us infinitely and is dedicated to making our lives abundant and full of fun and joy because this is the ideal way for us to live. The Course explains that God is always there for us, so we need to remember that this is so.

The only problem we ever had with this new info. We forgot about the truth of God’s dedication, Love, and support. Ignoring God’s Love is a minor problem. Truly. The complex situation is easily and quickly resolved when we remember the truth of God’s Love for us.

Therefore, the Course asks us to stay in the groove of reminding ourselves of this truth, so we eventually remember this truth all of the time, or at least we get to a place of remembering more quickly when we forget.

The Course says God provides us with all good things, so this is thrilling indeed! The Course also explains that God has declared us as worthy, without any challenge that can come against us.

The Course explains that since we are made of God’s Energy, we are inherently like Him. Of course, sharing God’s Energy is the most exceptional potential out there because we get to have his Energy within and without because of this.

 This news means that we are holy and worthy because we are worthy. The Course describes all of us as excellent because we are innocent. According to God, sin is an untruth.  

The Course says that sin never happened in the first place. The Course says that sin is unreal and, therefore, it simply does not exist in the first place.

The Course deems the whole world as unreal and our bodies as an illusion. The Course wants us to get to a place where we do not get upset at the world or our bodies because they and the world are unreal.

We will not be so upset about our bodies or the world if we know they are both illusions and have zero power to disturb us. Knowing this truth regarding the world and our bodies make them more accessible with which to deal.

We can bring them, Love in the form of miracles when there is a call for Love in the world or our bodies. Them, the world Is relatively easy to deal with when we remember this. 

I think of how I can experience the world and your bodies as unreal. The world’s being unreal is a miracle because it allows me to carry the wisdom of taking a step back from the world.

This option allows me to take a practical step back away from the energy of upset when we deal with them. We can take a single action back, and then we are way less upset because we have instilled this in our minds and selves, taking a step back and, therefore, not going into upset about what we see.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture 


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