Laurie’s Positive Points: Judgment is a powerful energy and experience, we need to own how unpleasant it is

Laurie’s Positive Points:

Judgment is a powerful energy and experience.  We need to own how unpleasant it is. 

Judgment is when we are not open to having things be as they are.  When we get critical we are getting judgmental. 

Criticism is when we are not willing to maintain an openness about all we see in the world.  Judgment causes us to squirm at what we see in the world. 

Judgment blocks the flow to the Universe’s Exquisite Energy and Purpose and we want to never feel judgment because we put ourselves into a position of lack and scarcity because we are not willing to accept things as they are.

We end up getting upset about the world and we could rather not go into judgment about the world, and the allow the world to be fine as it is.  When we  are fine about the world then we can enjoy the world because we have the option and we can be happy.  

Judgment is often something that we may experience as subtle and understated.  Our egos are always hiding the nightmare from us and not allowing us to see things like judgment when it  becomes visible. 

So, it is essential that we check out our minds and hearts and see when and where there is the understated judgment and we miss dealing with it because it seems more subtle at the time.

Just also see the truth of how powerful our judgement is and how we need to acknowledge it, and see it so we can do something proactive like stopping the judgment we find within.  Then we will be so much happier and more fulfilled because we have released that dark energy of judgment within.

Happiness is our best option while we are in the world as humans.  Then the most critical thing we can do for ourselves is to be happy all the time. 

When we are happy we have light energy and we smile more and can not help but to have more fun when we are happy so it is worth doing. 

We want to bring happiness into our existence with persistence and passion because we can, and we will be much easier and full of grace and comfort because we know and remember to be light and happy because we consciously remind ourselves.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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