Miracles Lesson 28

Miracles Lesson 28: “Above all else, I want to see things differently.”

This lesson says, “ You are asking it what it is instead of telling it what it is.”

The Course emphasizes to us the importance of asking. The ego and our dark self are always is full of darkness and despair, and the ego is always telling the world what it is instead of being open to something new.

The ego gets very staid in its possibility of choosing something different. It refuses to see something new and insists that it knows about the world.

The Course says that the past is inaccurate and, therefore, does not exist. The past disappears when we are willing to let this be so.

If we allow the past to disappear, we no longer need to suffer over the past. We can enable this upset to stay at bay and not go into that experience. We need to figure out a new way of deciphering what the world is truly about and not assume. 

The Course says that since the past is not accurate, we want to assume the history is not valid, and therefore, the ego likes to proclaim it knows how to determine the nature of all things in the world.

The ego likes to be very persistent and knows everything because it wants to be grand and competent. When we think the past exists, our egos convince us that the past defines the present, and then we can determine everything.

Since history is not accurate, we can allow the past not to describe the things we see in the world.

But the truth is that we need to make sure we don’t let the past determine the present or the future. We need to go out of our way not to let this happen.

The ego likes to determine it knows the definition of the things in the world because it wants to pretend it knows.

The Course asks us to make sure we don’t let the present and the future be influenced or determined by the past. The Course reminds us that we need to ask what the present moment is.

The Course reminds us to stay in the asking energy because it is Godly. When we are open to seeing how things are and asking about them, this is Godly because we never feel we know exactly how and what things are.  

The Course says that the present is the only actual true reality. The past and future do not exist at all.

And the Course asks us to stay vigilant in being open to questioning when we determine something we see in the world. Then we are available to see things as they are at the moment.

We allow things to be something that has no definition yet. Being open to seeing the truth of how things are Is the most sacred and holy thing we can do because it is God-inspired.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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