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Laurie’s Positive Points: Enthusiasm

Laurie’s Positive Points: Enthusiasm The best way to stay in the flow of God’s Love and favor is not to block the flow of God’s Love. And one of the ways we can accomplish this is to approach everything we do with enthusiasm.  We have a constant connection with...

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Miracles Lesson 186

Miracles Lesson 186: “Salvation of the world depends on me.” This lesson explains, ‘Here is the statement that will one day take all arrogance away from every mind…And if He deems us worthy, so are we. It is but arrogance that judges otherwise. The salvation of the world depends...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Love and enjoy our bodies

Laurie’s Positive Points: Enjoy our bodies:  Our egos make many complaints about our bodies, and it can be so difficult not to hear the inner chatter we have of the ego and not believe it. Our egos complain about everything because they see and experience grievances. Our egos make...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Surrender our judgement in food choices

Laurie’s Positive Points:  Surrender our judgement in food choices. Let curiosity be the guide for our food choices.  Judgement comes at a heightened pace when we check out different behaviors with food or deliberate over when and how much to eat.   If we have any kind of any...

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ACIM Lesson 102

Lesson 109: I rest in God.” The Course reminds us of this relationship we have with God that is so nurturing.  We have a God who reminds us that we are safe, and ultra-nourished, and given all the comfort in the world.  God’s deal with us extends to include...

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