Miracles Lesson 119

Miracles Lesson 119: “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.” “To give and receive are one in truth.”

The Course asks us to understand that there is no problem correcting our errors.

Our egos tell us that we are evil and sinful when making mistakes.

And our egos usher us into the most powerfully strong presumption that there is no way to correct our errors, and therefore, we are eternally guilty because of these offenses.

And whenever we feel guilt, this is the number one thing that blocks the flow of God’s Love. Guilt is the egos’ primary offense in the egos’ presumption that there is no way to reach God since we have all this guilt. 

 So guilt can be our serious downfall, but the Course explains that God says that we are sinless at all times and, therefore, there is no reason to suffer over guilt.

Therefore, there is no change in the flow of God’s Love toward us because we realize we are sinless and that the ego is wrong. The Course says that we are not guilty, but there is also no problem in correcting whatever mistakes we make.

For God, fixing these things is seriously easy because God is Supreme and capable of all things. So God Is capable, and this is easy for God.

Our most important task is that we need to get it into our minds that we are genuinely sinless. We need to do practical realization steps that this is true.

Our egos fight hard within our minds to deny this truth, so our job is to take the steps and make an effort to do this.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture



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