Laurie’s Positive Points: Grace is the best way to approach life

Laurie’s Positive Points: Grace is the best way to approach life.

Grace is the way we move our bodies in space and physically. We want to be light and soft in our bodies when we move around.

Our culture celebrates physical grace and being light on our feet because it is a way that we can express how healthy we are.

When we move softly physically is a way for people to notice us, so be sure to make an effort to do this. Feel our feet and bodies being light and graceful while we use them; this is the way to protect our health because it is a sure way we can be healthy.

So be sure to do this consistently ourselves.

Dancers and professional dancers generally find light on their feet because they move softly.

Most people like the expression and the beauty in other people’s moving gracefully, so we want to remember to do this regularly. If we love to dance, then we want to practice this grace on our feet so we will dance more successfully.

But if we are not regular dancers, then know that developing grace on our feet will make us look healthier and feel healthier, which adds quality to our lives, so it is worth doing.

Grace in our minds means we do not resist things. Resistance in our minds means we are saying NO to whatever we see ahead.

Saying no through life is our worst enemy because it causes us not to feel our grace emotionally and not act from a mind of grace and peace. So make sure we say YES and be open and willing to deal with and manage what we see.

Then our minds will be light and easy and happy. Our grace emotionally and physically is ideal. So make all effort to do this. Please participate in our lives and make them full of ease.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncturist


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