Miracles Lesson 350

 Lesson 350: “What are miracles?” “Miracles mirror God’s, eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him and through His memory to save the world.”

Saving the world happens in simply a thought- our egos are always convincing us that there needs to be an actual song and dance to fix the world because the world is so problematic.

We must approach the world’s problems with an army of fighters who have come to heal the world with guns and knives.

Winning success in healing the world no matter how hard we try is not something that can ever come to a resolution because our world has so many challenging aspects, so it can feel hopeless to affect the world in any way.

Our egos convince us there is no way to save the world because the world is too thorny. But our egos are wrong. They have not even a clue of how to get this accomplished.

So we must remember that we can heal the world and save all of us whenever we recognize that this happens when we are simply willing to change our thinking.

So this means saving the world can occur at each second that arrives anew, so we need to remember to do this.

Changing our thinking can seem complicated, but the Course says that God, as the Holy Spirit, is always available to heal our energy and minds, so we need to show up and allow this to happen.

It happens as soon as we change our minds.

 All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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