Laurie’s Positive Points: Make sure we are conscious choices when we select food

Laurie’s Positive Points: Make sure we make conscious choices when we select food.

Ensure we have reasonable, healthy, and appropriate relations with our food.

We need to learn about nutrition to know how to eat and keep us the healthiest regarding food. Learning about all food is best, so we know what we will see at the grocery store.

So gaining information about what foods to buy is best so that we are confident when going to the grocery store. Then we will select the healthiest and most appropriate foods for us while we are there.

So being assured we will serve ourselves best when we are at the store is one of the most important ways we can heal our relationships with food. 

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry; this is a surefire way of getting yourself into trouble not wanting to buy unhealthy and excessive foods.

Then remember to eat enough and eat lots of healthy food, like things that are unprocessed and do not have tons of additives. So make sure that we walk into the grocery store with fresh eyes open to get healthy things.

Being conscious is a gift from God, so make sure we allow ourselves to experience what is happening and do not do a disservice to ourselves.  

Remember to eat food regularly, so we do not get into a place of being too hungry.

When we are famished, sometimes it is harder to convince ourselves to stick with the program we have set up for ourselves with food, so then we err on the side of eating more or different foods than we want.

Being conscious of food is the best way to live our lives with comfort and peace around food.  

Remember to enjoy eating. When we live hurriedly, we often forget to take the time and effort to get to a place to enjoy our food, So make sure to listen to that inner voice guiding us in life and instructing us to have more fun.

Fun makes us smile ear to ear, so be sure that we have fun eating our food.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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