Laurie’s Positive Points: Susceptibility

Laurie’s Positive Points: Susceptibility

Remember to be suggestible and pliant.  Our egos are full of the mistakes of being hard and unable to manage changing a schedule.  

Our egos get so stuck and attached to the way that they think we should approach our lives so when this does not go down successfully then the egos complain and make trouble for our minds.

So  remember to approach life with a gentle and soft way of being open to change so that when change happens, there is no problem. 

Being pliant is when we are open to change and if we do not resist what happens then we will be much happier and be not attached to getting our way which is always painful. 

So show up with an easy mind and do not get stuck so we do not have an issue when things do not go the way we think they should;   We want to not be attached to the plan at hand so we can show up and be mindful and not be hard and stuck about it when life changes which is not according to how we may want to plan.

Suggestibility means we are open and able to shift when  life calls for change so this is the miracle that will bring us peace  because we are open and comfortable allowing for another path in our days so do not forget to be open and suggestible.

We need to show up and be willing to do a regular practice of showing up every day and as we go through our day, we need to consciously move and consciously do everything. 

 Being conscious is when we do some task that is in our daily plan but we take time in the moment to observe and see what is going on in the moment and be able to monitor at each moment how we feel both emotionally and physically regarding our resistance to things we do. 

So take the time regularly to notice when part of us resists what we are doing next and catch ourselves because it does not serve us to resist.  We will be shooting ourselves in the foot because it is essential that we do not resists anything and our egos constantly show up and offer resistance.  

So we need to regularly take the time to notice when we resist and catch it when we do.  Then we will be open and susceptible so this is the blessed way we want to be and it serves us, so lets do this regularly.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncturex


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