Miracles Lesson 62

Lesson 62: “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.” 

This lesson shares ultra wisdom here. “I would fulfill my function that I may be happy.”

The most important thing we can do is to forgive.

Our egos always complain when asked to forgive, so be sure to explain to our egos that forgiveness is the only important thing we need to carry with us so that when we participate in our lives and see calls for Love in the world, we show up with forgiveness which solves any call for Love by bringing Love in the form of forgiveness.

God especially gave us forgiveness because it is the form in which we can get Love to calls for Love. When we bring forgiveness, we heal all the world in whatever the call for Love looks like, so this is the best thing we can do. So let us make sure we do it promptly, with no complaints.

Forgiveness is our function, so it is the thing we need to bring with us constantly. So that we can apply it readily, forgiveness means that we are straightforward about life, do not have judgments or upset, and let things go readily.

We see that the world is unreal, so we do not get upset about anything we see. Forgiveness is our function, the only thing we need to do.

So remember that life is simple when we have only one role, one thing to remember so we can approach life with total straightforwardness and forgiveness.

The Course says that our function is also to be happy, so remember to bring joy and enjoy every second of life so that our lives will be outstanding and we will have fun.

Fun should be number one on everyone’s list of things to do. God’s faithful Will is excellent news, thinking God wants us to be happy and have fun.

I find fun so hard to remember to carry with me, so I am so grateful that God’s prescription for me and all of us in the Course is to bring lightness, joy, laughter, and fun.

When we bring lightness and fun that is a high elevated energy, forgiveness is a walk in the park because I am already part of the way to being light.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture  


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