Lesson 323 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lesson 323: “What is Creation?”  “I gladly make the ‘sacrifice’ of fear.”

We sure have a way of building this lasting relationship with fear.  We keep it by our sides at every turn.  We make our commitment to fear more important than anything else.  Fear becomes the most important thing to relate to and connect to.  We never want to let our fear be thoroughly released in our ego voice because fear seems so familiar.  We actually start to often like the response we feel to fear.  This voice of fear within us seems like it is the one we want to listen to.
Our egos have a stilted relationship with fear.  This commitment to our fear in the ego’s realm is the way we keep our minds infinitely within insanity.  This is the ego’s way of being.  The ego thinks fear is the friend, the sought after comrade.  The ego is busy making fear our one and only love.  This is insane for sure.  However, we often realize that our ego just doesn’t know the truth about how things truly are in God’s world.

When we listen to the ego primarily or solely then we end up with skewed perception of reality.  Then we start to love fear because we recognize it.  The Course says that our fear is simply our own mistake in what to apply to all circumstances.  We can be reminded of this by Jesus’s words here.  And we can understand fear only has reality in what is not God’s world.  The fear is just the response to when we thought we got separated from God.  But it has no reality in truth because this never happened.  Therefore, fear does not exist.

The Course says we can let go of any crazy ideas that fear has validity.  We can completely undo any of our ego’s crazy attraction to fear because God says that our fear in fact has no reality- this is why we can in no way be bothered by it.  We realize our fear simply exists not.  When we start to have an inkling of what is actually happening in our God focused world, then we realize that fear is a simple mistake that we can undo at any moment.  We can undo fear in our simple acknowledgment of its unreality.  Then we simply need to have the willingness along with that to surrender our attachment to fear.  This is such an important part that we include ourselves in the equation.  We want to just know that fear is the last thing we want to perpetuate in our lives.  Therefore, we need to make the willingness to give it to God’s altar to release it back to the ether where we forget it ever existed.

Then we need to have forgiveness for ourselves that we ever got in the predicament in the first place where we were so committed to living in fear and sustaining it.  We didn’t know how to release it to God and therefore we got into the experience of living through the fear and then misplacing our commitment to it instead of God.  This is why we just need to have a moment of taking away our incorrect intention and action.  We are blessed when we have the willingness to meet God half way as in bringing our willingness to God.  We must take away what we never wanted in the first place but didn’t know any better.  Let’s forget this error.


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