12-26-14 Lesson 360 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, December 26, 2014

Lesson 360: “Peace be to me, the holy Son of God.  Peace to my brother, who is one with me.  Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.”

We are asked to remember that we can change the world.  When we carry peace in our hearts we will accentuate this energy and it has the power to extend out to others simply because the Universe is all about energy exchange.  Sometimes we forget the power of intention.  It’s easy to see and hear words and behavior.  It seems obvious.  But when our intention is not in a sense of peace and abundance, this is palpable.  This is incredibly powerful and deeply affects us.

We can be doing projects together and may not even say what we are feeling but we are quite aware of how we feel energetically when we share presence with each other.  We must remember to do our parts and be willing to bring an energy of certainty and plenty of love and forgiveness.  We can’t hide our intention.  That’s part of the challenge and the beauty.  Intention seeps from us.

This is why we must, must, must pay it some mind.  We must take note at how it makes us feel.  If you are not used to doing that, that is ok.  Start by getting quiet and while you sit still try to put words to what you are feeling.  Try to make the words and feelings match.  This is a great way to get in touch with what’s going on inside of you.  Notice also how the room changes and the connection with others that we share space with also changes when we align our hearts and minds with God’s purpose.

We are asked to pay close attention to our intention.  We can honor its power to affect the world and us when we acknowledge it and become willing to work with it to create love instead of scarcity.  And we of course feel so much better as well when we change our intention to the experience of certainty.  This makes it well worth the effort because it feels dramatically different when we are willing to change it to something that is the basis of peace.

This lesson says, “Peace be to me, and peace to all the world.”  The Course teaches us that there is no lack of peace.  We don’t have to ever feel resentful of other people who may seem to maintain their peace and certainty all the time.  There is no shortage of peace.  This is the most amazing realization when we sit in the perfect comfort of knowing everyone can be equally blessed.  We don’t have to scrimp around and hope there will be scraps for us at the end.  We all can take and be the creators of our own peace because peace abounds.  All we have to do is be willing to apply miracles and remember God’s truth which has never left us.


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