ACIM Lesson 250

Lesson 250: “What is the World?”  “Let me not see myself as limited.”  

The Course reminds us that there is nothing out there except ourselves. 

The world is just a reflection of our inner worlds, and therefore, we are the only ones we need to concern ourselves with. 

It is so automatic for us to make everyone else the villains because we see their dark garments. 

It can make us want to hide with fear of what we perceive, but we can have a totally opposite experience if we only allow it to be. 

The world is simply our moment of reminding ourselves that we can see it with eyes that bless. 

We don’t want to get ourselves into a bad habit of denying the world, and insisting that we are not experiencing it, for the purpose of simply not dealing with it. 

The ego likes to make the world a problem in every way, and try to pretend like it is not happening. 

This denial is not helpful, because we want to see the world for what it is, and feel the feelings that come up around it. 

When we deny how we feel, then, we end up with a lot of repressed emotions, and this is generally the seed of our own inner progression toward instability.  

Something unhelpful happens if we deny our feelings inappropriately; they will turn into blocks to God’s Presence, and this we never want. 

Thus, we want to just stay with the authentic process of feeling them and then letting them go.  

This is the way we make peace with them. 

We listen to what they have to say, we thank them, and invite them to leave our consciousness, so that they are no longer any part of us, if we do not want them permanently. 

We just need to be willing to enjoy this process, and get happy about the miracle- all the way through- when we are in the process of feeling what we feel. 

This is the way we are afforded true happiness, and it works if we stay true to the process, and give it all to God with love.

All love,

Laurie Preznbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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