ACIM Lesson 291

Lesson 291: “What is the Real World?” “This is a day of stillness and peace.”

This lesson says, “Christ’s sight shows me all things forgiven and at peace.” 

We have God’s miracle of forgiveness at all times. 

It says here that ALL THINGS are forgiven because God wants us to not hold or feel even the tiniest hint of guilt. 

Even the smallest amount of guilt completely blocks the flow we experience in the channel of God’s Love.  

Wow!! Big news!!  We get to escape punishment entirely. 

God is here just to love us because God knows we are forever innocent. Therefore, we can love and enjoy this great news too.

God collects all of those items we think are unforgivable, we deem them loathsomely unforgivable, and He carries them with Him.

Then, after He has adequately searched our entire essence and energy fields for every last shred of problem and suffering and guilt, He gathers them, and then, He dissolves them all the guilt, so that they are no longer with us in any way.  

God is our primary benefactor. 

He loves us to the ends of the earth to the vast extents of the Universe. 

God loves us so much that He has no moment of failing to stream out steadily His energetic goodness and perfection. 

We never have a moment of not getting it because God so wills us to be loved and forgiven, and so, we can have faith in this implicitly.  

God is the Life of the Party. 

He is always giving us only good news and He is always giving us reasons to giggle. 

We just have to show up to the Party. 

Fun is our only task.  That’s it. 

We just forget the giggles, and we rashly jump to the conclusion that there is something to worry about. 

God’s Party with miracles a plenty is all the reality there is for us. 

We just have to be willing to just take a bite of the miraculous cake God is amassing for us continually.

We get to claim the magic of God’s miracle of forgiveness whenever we want to. 

This is the closest we can come to getting to Heaven’s Gate- at the right Hand of God- because forgiveness is the key that unlocks those pearly gates. 

We just need to to be open to feeling it, and then, we can party with a passion- and persistently- since then there is nothing else to do. 

Forgiveness is that inner knowing that acknowledges that there never was a problem with the world, or with anyone else, or with ourselves. 

This is why it is God’s Purpose to set us free instantly and consistently.  We just need to trust God’s Word. 

We are released ultimately by our willingness and God’s Love, a union that is insurmountable.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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