Lesson 178 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lesson 178: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.” “Let my mind not deny the thought of God.” “I am entrusted with the gifts of God.”

The amazing thing is that God loves entirely.  God gives us the finest of the finest gifts.  We get all the extraordinary items and feelings that any loving parent-like Creator could and would give us.  God never has a moment when the gifts are not ceaselessly forthcoming.  We are fortunate beyond belief because we are graced with the very best aspects of life that then keep us coming back for more.  When we see that God so loves us he has brought us eternal peace and a quiet mind and confidence in the form of our certainty, we come to grips with this extraordinary existence we are living.  This in itself is the sweetest life we could ever imagine.

But on top of that we learn that we are completely respected by God.  God loves us so thoroughly that this takes on a variety of manifestations in our worlds.  One of the important ways that this respect from God is demonstrated is in God’s entrusting us.  God wants us to be happy because all loving parents want their children to be happy.  Furthermore, we see that God is giving us the finest gifts ever because God never questions our worthiness.

God always knows and loves us as the finest parent God is.  This is surely why God gives us the gifts of all sorts.  God wants to give us the answer to every question we have and give us the greatest joy possible in the form of God’s gifts.  This is why salvation is our destiny because God wants for us nothing but the best.

The fact that God respects us helps us to further assimilate the truth that God wants to give us everything.  God so loves us that God simply wants us to carry with us each amazing easy going lives.  God is giving us the gift of wisdom and peace because God wants for us what will make us truly joyful.  This is why we can just sit back and gain the greatest joy in living through these gifts.  When we feel them and live them then we can understand how blessed we are.

When we have a moment of forgetting God, simply come back to the memory that we are all equally blessed with salvation as the final plan and greatest joy for us.  When we get busy or distracted, we all have moments of feeling disconnected from our energetic Source or the parts of our minds that connect us to the Higher Truth.  Let’s stay focused on not denying our connection with God more than just an instant.

When we forget, let’s keep learning to be increasingly vigilant about returning to our God-mind.  Just be willing to be the one to stay in the practice of being reminded and giving ourselves reminders.  What we can do is forgive the moments of losing touch with God.  This is not a mistake beyond redirecting a moment’s chosen intention.  All we have to do is be willing to pray when we can’t shift.  The way back to God is easy and sure when we just realize that denying God is just the bad dream from which we can wake instantly.  Give in no further mind.


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